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February 11, 2019

April 25, 2018

April 4, 2018

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Modo Launches Coworking Space

November 17, 2018

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Modo Week 1 Update

October 9, 2017





For those who weren’t aware, as of October 1st, the gym that was previously known as the OIC Fitness club has now been rebranded into Modo!


Needless to say everyone in the team was excited for the changes, but like anyone who operates or works for a start-up business, we had no idea what to expect or what the feedback was going to be.


Five days into the process and we’ve learned a lot. One of the goals that we have here at Modo, is to accurately represent the process of what it takes to succeed (or fail) as a start-up business in the Orange/Athol area.


During the first week of operation, our team faced 3 main challenges, but also came away with 3 main achievements that we will continue to build on.




1. Notifying members

By being able take over an existing gym with existing members, we were able to easily get through the barrier of finding our first customers. With that being said, the process of notifying members of the change in ownership wasn’t as easy as expected. Many were confused, some angry, others indifferent because they were not members of the OIC in the first place (those were some of our shorter conversations), however an overwhelming majority, upon the initial shock, did seem excited for the new energy and improvements that Modo will bring to the area! Now it’s time to execute...


2. Converting to 100% digital

From the start, the Modo team decided that our vision for a “business of the future” included only accepting digital payments (gasp). As you can imagine, some of our potential clients were not exactly pleased with the news. Some members just were not comfortable providing us with their credit card information, some just simply liked paying with cash like they always have. We do confess to working with some customers, especially those who have attended the OIC for years to get around this initial barrier. However, converting Modo to a 100% digital business is a decision that we will not back out of. We believe in our mission.


3. Price changes

Due to the fact that basically every single member had a completely customized payment plan (which is a pain I must say), the Modo team made a decision from the beginning to hit a reset button, and offer a single payment plan of $39.99 per month. Well… that did not work as planned. Rightfully so, members gave us the feedback we needed, and within the first half-day of operations, a second price-tier was added which included seniors (55+), students, and veteran discounts of $29.99 per month. Along with this, our team decided to implement a first-month sale called the Bring-a-Buddy Program, in which any current member may refer a “buddy” to become a member, and if so both the current member and his/her buddy will become eligible for the Bring-a-Buddy price of only $19.99. Absolutely amazing if you ask me.




1. Keeping trainers and adding trainers!

If you have ever been a member of the OIC Fitness Club in the past, you know how important the staff of trainers was to the community. Well, we are happy to say that Lee, Greta, and Bernie will continue to serve the community and are now part of the Modo family! If you haven’t attended a class yet I HIGHLY you encourage you to do so!


2. Signed up 85 members!

We are not where we want to be yet, but we are closer than we were yesterday. Our team is ecstatic by how many have already chosen to Modo as their gym of choice. We will be sure to do all in our power to serve those members as well as future members, as they strive towards achieving their fitness/health goals. The first customers are always the ones you never forget, and we are proud to be able to say that as of 10/5/2017, 85 people believe in the Modo vision.


3. Adding new features such as 24/7 access and high speed fiber internet by end of year!

Yes, 24/7 access will be coming to Modo! We are so excited to be able to give the community a gym in which they can access on their own terms. Also high speed Wi-fi which for you Spotify-users will be a complete game-changer, will also be implemented in the gym facility within the next month or so. Lastly rumor has it that Adam has just purchased a brand-new treadmill. What a time to be alive.


Join Modo.


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