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February 11, 2019

April 25, 2018

April 4, 2018

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Modo Launches Coworking Space

November 17, 2018

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So... You Bought a Gym? [Full Version]

October 17, 2017



The short answer is yes. The long answer is not quite.


As the some locals around Orange and Athol may already know, Adam Suzor, founder and CEO of Suzor IT, purchased what was formerly known as the OIC Fitness Club.


To the naked eye, this move may have seemed unprecedented. Why would a young tech-entrepreneur choose to go into the fitness industry? Adam does not have a fitness background/degree (sources say that he did not even play a high school sport), and with a young team comprised of motivated, yet relatively inexperienced professionals, there does not seem to be a logical explanation to this decision. So what’s the catch?



The answer lies on a vision of what the modern workforce will look like.

Imagine you are a freelance worker. You have a task to accomplish. You know what you have get done that day, and you are ready to execute.


Now imagine you are that same freelancer, but upon waking up you find yourself with the question of where exactly will I accomplish my goals for the day?


The number one option that most choose is to stay at home.


Although this may be a clear option, specially for those who have in-home offices, there may be drawbacks to being a few feet away from your bed at all times. Add that to the fact that the actual environment of a home, may not be suited to accommodate the need to do collaborative work.

So what are the options? There is a list of 12 different locations that you can check out for yourself here. With local libraries, bookstores, and coffee shops topping the list of go-to’s for remote workers, you may wonder if there might be a better more effective place that was designed specifically to cater to those who want maximize their work-day productivity.


Let’s back up. As a reader you may be thinking “sure, I see what you are saying, but what does a gym have anything to do with an environment specifically designed to maximize your work-day productivity?


Long story short, the gym is only one part of the overall vision that is Modo. It is commonly known that regular exercise improves productivity. In fact, this Business Insider article argues that as a business owner, it may even be a great idea to pay your employees to exercise.


Now we aren’t encouraging local entrepreneurs to dip into their profit margins to expense their employee’s exercising habits. However what if the environment in which one worked and worked-out weren’t completely separated? What if the number one reason for which most people choose not to workout, time, was now a non-factor because your favorite treadmill was only a few steps away from your work-desk?


Call us crazy if you must, but we believe that the modern lifestyle, is one in which we do not separate the acts of working on our jobs, and working on ourselves. We believe that selling convenience is more important than selling a product. And we believe that this Modo in which we refer to as Modo, will be able to provide the workforce of the future (which is sooner then you may think) with the right environment and platform to not only be more productive and successful in business, but also in health.


Join us in a movement that will be starting right here in Orange, MA.


Join Modo.


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