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February 11, 2019

April 25, 2018

April 4, 2018

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Modo Launches Coworking Space

November 17, 2018

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Member Spotlight: Natalie Ellis

December 4, 2017


I interviewed one of the members here at Move by Modo, Natalie Ellis. Natalie is very nice lady, and she’s been here for a while, so I thought she would be someone good to talk to and hear her feedback on how she feels about the gym.


How long have you been a member here, at Modo?

  • Natalie has been a member here for at least 2 years. She has enjoyed her experience both with the former OIC Fitness Club, as well as with Modo!


How has the gym helped you in the achievement of your goals?

  • The gym has helped her become more physically fit, she has to continue to live an active lifestyle because of some health issues.


Do you enjoy working out at this gym?

  • Natalie loves working out at Modo. The support from both employees and other fellow members make her experience even more enjoyable.


Do the staff here make you feel important and welcomed?

  • The staff does make her feel important and welcomed, Lee made it easy for her to join. All the staff and  everyone made her want to join because they are all really friendly.


What has motivated you to come to the gym?

  • Keeping her health up and all the encouragement from everyone here motivates her to keep coming to the gym.


How did you hear about Move by Modo?

  • Natalie heard about Move by Modo during the change in management process. She stated that at first she was skeptical about it all, not knowing what to expect. However, the new owners and staff were very receptive and further explained the changes that were going to happen.


What improvements would you like to see in the gym?

  • Natalie said that she would like to see a piece of equipment that could work out the whole body at once, also she would like better padding on some of the equipment ( such as the bike seats).


Is there anything you dislike about the gym?

  • She only said the the only thing is when the runners are on the treadmills and it's a loud distraction.


What is your favorite thing about the gym?

  • The social aspect of the interecting with both staff and other members, Natalie states, is her favorite part of being a member.




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